To whom it may concern,

We engaged Simon Palmer late March 2009 for felling two Pine trees, both nearly 30 years growth, height 10 and 14 metres or more. Each tree had been "topped" at least a couple of times over their life and the upper growth was tall, tangled and dense. Root damage, potential storm-risk, neighbour grumbles, the lot, they had to go.                                    They stood on steep ground just above the path leading up from the road. One tree had utility lines very close on two faces. Years' worth of native underplantings crowded the base of both trees and across the whole property. Our front section is basically a very steep cliff, exposed to high winds from any direction and total felling of both trees was always going to be a major challenge. Not a job for the bloke-owner with a wonky ladder, 16" chainsaw and a couple of mates!                                          Answer: get a quote from Simon. You could tell on the phone, he'd looked at it, he had it sussed, he knew what he was looking at.

Simon brought both trees down safely and neatly over two days, despite challenging southerly winds, using ropes and carabiner where required, with no damage to the utility lines or property and minimal damage to the undergrowth. Clear path access and free access around the house was preserved throughout the job. He cut all branch wood into firewood lengths and the trunks into very manageable splittable rounds and chunks. No hired machinery required to deal to the firewood, just a good axe and splitter!  He placed green waste in various piles separate from the wood, so we could clear the section with minimal fuss. Stumps were  left nicely rounded off at ground level. Everything we could have wished for, all good, and the resulting views from the house are stunning. A very successful job. We know he's proud of it.   

Out there are "cowboys" aplenty. We'd had them before. Cheap for cash (careful there!) quick and careless. Damage and mess all over the shop, with extra worry, cost and time to you. Simon is by contrast a complete professional and it shows. His quote compared extremely well with the competition, we had no second thoughts. Bonus discount for prompt payment, say no more. Exaggeration is totally justified. We are very very pleased!

Peter Denee                                                                             Ngauranga



Early in 2010 we needed advice on the management of a large tree, the removal of a number of other trees, as well as thinning and shaping work.   I was put in contact with with Simon Palmer through our landscaper, Rebecca Wilson.

From our first contact with Simon through to the end process, we were impressed with his professionalism and his knowledge base. Simon took time to go through each task with specific pricing for every tree. Additionally he gave advice about the most cost effective manner for disposing of tree rubbish. With the quote accepted, he set to and did the work exactly as promised. It was done to the highest possible standard, quickly, efficiently and perfectly executed. We were delighted with every aspect of his work and unhesitatingly recommend him to others.

Phillip Green                                                                                   Karori

We have been greatly impressed by both the quality of the work done & your professionalism. We are very pleased with the way the main Pohutukawa has been lifted & a nicely shaped tree left. Neighbours have complimented the work & effect the 'trim' has had to the front of the property.

Thank you for a great job.

Andrew                                                                                 Berhampore



Recently you were contracted to trim & groom the mature trees & shrubs on our property. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your meticulous attention to this task both in your quoting, which was very detailed & precise, & in the actual job.

You arrived as arranged & settled to the task quickly, referring to me when you wished clarification on any point. I was impressed with your enquiry to ensure I was happy with the work done before your departure. The trees concerned were trimmed as stated & you left the property in a neat & tidy condition. We would have no hesitation in requesting your assistance again in the future.

Many thanks for a professional job.

Leigh Renai                                                                                 Northland



Dear Simon,

We want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job. We now realise that it's probably wise not to leave it so long before we have the trees and shrubs on our property pruned and trimmed! Ours was a large job which you completed on time and handled professionally, skilfully and meticulously. 

We are delighted with the result and look foward to your regular maintenance of the trees on our property.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to any potential client.

Thank you once again,

Shona & jonathan                                                                         Seatoun



Dear Simon,

Upon my return from the South Island, I appreciated the wonderful new views from our deck and want to thank you very much for your very effective work.

Kind regards,

Rolf Brednich                                                                                   Kelburn



Dear Simon,

What a delight to come home from a trip to Christchurch to find the trees all clipped and 15 bags of wonderful mulch all tidily stacked.

Thank you very much for the work and also organising Joe from Treecycle.

I'll be in touch next Autumn.

Bryony Hales                                                                         Berhampore



Dear Simon,

Thank you so much. The pohutukawa and everything looks great. I shall be in touch again later in the year Re: the other Pohutukawa. Many thanks once again and please find enclosed a cheque representing payment for the great job done.


Angela                                                                                           Wilton 



Its not easy to process differing requests on the possibilities for shaping and managing trees.

Simon Palmer, however, met the challenge with patience, a clear interpretation of ideas and helpful suggestions to improve the shape and long term health of our trees.

He reduced growth where necessary while preserving shelter and sunlight; he pruned overhanging branches on the boundary, skilfully balancing the growth on our side; he shaped to limit leaf fall into our gutters and beautifully sculpted the huge boughs of an eighty year old pohutukawa.

A thoroughly professional job prompting much comment on how beautiful our trees are looking.

Mary & Tony Lines                                                                             Ngaio



Dear Simon,

We wish to express our thanks for your excellent work in felling and shaping of the trees on our recently acquired "jungle" section. We have appreciated your professional advice during the two days of intensive "surgery". We are very happy with your services which covered the orientation visit, paper work, your swiftness on-site, job completion, and the care taken with our property.

Your services were recommended to us and we will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone needing tree felling and/or tree maintenence work. We give high marks for communication, quality, reliability and value.

Yours sincerely,

A & E Smaal                                                                                     Ngaio



Hello. If you are reading this you're wondering whether Simon Palmer is worth employing or not. Here's our perspective. It's been given to Simon at our suggestion - he did not request it, and he can use it as he sees fit.

We returned to live in Wellington after 20 years overseas, purchasing a property with a lovely garden in one of the city's Harbour bays. Having come from a place with searing heat and relatively little rainfall, we were entirely unprepared for the speed with which the trees grew at our new home. It seemed that we'd hardly unpacked before things in the garden needed tending to, while after our first year, growth had run riot.

As we owned an abundance of gear from spades to chainsaws, and one of us had an agricultural backround, the task seemed eminently do-able. Fortunately, however, a friend who both knew us and realised the havoc that was about to be wrought, put us onto David Palmer, Simon's father. David listened to us carefully, agreed with everything that we said, then quietly took control, doing what he thought was required - which sometimes coincided with what we thought and sometimes not.

We were pleased, our neighbours were pleased, and the summer tourist bus with overseas visitors continued to stop so that its passengers could leap out to take photographs.

In time David handed over to Simon, in whom the same positive genetic traits seem to run. Wonderfully courteous, he visits on a Saturday to listen carefully to our thoughts and assess growth since his last work. A quote is given on the spot and the job done a week or two later. We've never had cause to question the quote and certainly not the standard of ensuing workmanship. Quite simply, it's superb!

We know what we want but Simon, like his father before him, gives us what we need - which is always a much more skilful and difficult task. The man is a craftsman, architect and artist. He's also scrupulously honest, hard working and leaves the cut material neatly stacked for firewood or disposal. If you're keen on recycling as we are, Simon arranges for a colleague, Joe Wilson, to come along, mulch the smaller material and leave it in a heap, or bagged for later spreading.

David, then Simon, have tended our trees for 17 years now. In that time we've seen a lot of trees butchered in our district, often by men with advertising and sign written trucks that promise the earth. Promises are cheap. Simon isn't. But when you look at the result, especially over the years, and realise what your trees (and hence the capital value of your property) owes to him, the equation comes into balance.

If you want a tree hacked down, there's plenty of mongrels happy to do it for cash. If you want to restore, rebalance, add value and help nature to do its best, give Simon Palmer a go. It's an investment that we haven't regretted.

Susan & Tony Brenton'Rule                                                               Days Bay

Dear Simon,

Thank you for the massive job you did on all my trees. It is wonderful to have all that sunlight back in my garden, and yet still have privacy. And to have it all done in one day was marvelous. As I said to you, it felt like a present, to have my sunny lawn and section back.

But most of all, I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my pride and joy, the Pohutakawa at the front of my property. And the way you worked with the Rata, Kowhai and the Rose alongside it. I am almost embarrassed at at the number of positive comments I have had from people in the neighbourhood who have obviously been walking past my house for years and keeping an eye on the pohutakawa, afraid that it would be cut down.

Thank you also for cutting all the branches and foliage up so it was easy for me (and the student) to get it all into the bin.   Please feel free to give my number to anyone who would like a reference, I would be more than happy to talk to them.

Kind regards,

A. Rose                                                                                           Mt. Victoria



Dear Simon,

Thank you for your very professional and well managed aesthetic pruning of our trees.

We respect your judgement and the very organised manner in which you 'collated' the cuttings (without any damage to the surrounding garden).

We're very pleased with the result and appreciate your care and attention.

Kind regards,

Mr Attwood                                                                                   Karori